Guitar Lessons Knightsbridge

Guitar Lessons Knightsbridge is the largest private music school in London.It is our goal to be the premier private guitar school in London.

While researching the best guitar lessons for you, please consider the benefits of becoming a student at Guitar Lessons Knightsbridge and find out why we are London’s number one choice for guitar lessons.Each private lesson is geared towards our students needs. We feel fortunate to do something for a living that we truly enjoy: teaching people how to play guitar and music the way they always imagined possible.Regardless of what music we are playing, our main goal as guitar teachers is to show students how to experience playing guitar with confidence and skill. 

  • Beginner guitar students start off by learning the basic chord shapes and simple strumming patterns contained in their personal favourite songs.

    Guitar Lessons Knightsbridge

    Guitar Lessons Knightsbridge

  • Our guitar teachers use THE SONG AS A LESSON, introducing the student to concepts like chord progressions, time signatures, and scales for the first time.
  • Once our guitar students have mastered the basic aspects of a song, our brilliant guitar tutors will begin working on more advanced concepts: finger exercises, picking techniques and basic scales for KILLER RIFFS AND EPIC SOLOS!
For any questions about Knightsbridge Guitar Lessons please call us at 07957 230 354

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Piano Lessons London

Piano Lessons London


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