Guitar Lessons Knightsbridge Testimonials

 Knightsbridge guitar lessons

guitar lessons Knightsbridge

Heres what the people say……

Thirty years ago, I bought a guitar with thoughts of learning to play and have some fun. Other commitments took priority, and unfortunately, I never took lessons or played that guitar very much. I have always enjoyed guitar music, and love to listen to great players.

I made a decision a year ago to try the guitar again. I felt that it wasn’t too late, and thought I’d find a good place to take lessons and learn about music. That is where the  Guitar Lessons Knightsbridge comes in. I’ve been taking lessons with  Guitar Lessons Knightsbridge for a year, and have really enjoyed the experience. I’ve learned chord progressions, scales to practice, as well as songs that I like.  Guitar Lessons Knightsbridge approach is great because the student begins to play music right away. Students can also learn music theory, and how chords and songs are constructed. That process keeps the student motivated, and practice remains fun.
The guitar is a wonderful instrument, and can be humbling; especially for beginning players like myself. But, every little improvement is progress. I feel I’ve learned so much over the past year, and have really had a blast. Thanks to Elliott and the  Guitar Lesson Knightsbridge team for helping to bring the guitar into my life.
Jeremy Pearsons Knightsbridge SW1X

Having decided two years of fumbling around with guitars was enough and at 44, I wasn’t getting any younger, I took the next step. Guitar lessons at Guitar Lessons Knightsbridge . Rick assessed what progress I had made. He allowed me to work on things that were important at the time. Over the next few months as I became more comfortable with playing, he put me on track.  Guitar Lessons Knightsbridge makes each lesson more valuable then the last and now I have great foundation to build on. Now, practice isn’t practice, practice is playing and playing is what life is all about.
David Lloyd,  Knightsbridge


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