Welcome and Thanks for visiting the official site of Guitar Lessons Knightsbridge….Guitar tuition in Knightsbridge London! As guitar teachers we take great pride in providing quality guitar lessons. Everyone is different, there is no “one size fits all” method for learning the guitar, it’s your lesson, learn what you want to learn! Guitar Lessons Knightsbridge offers a unique and innovative approach to guitar lessons.Find out How you can Master Guitar Playing. Our brilliant Guitar Lessons are tailored to suit the style, pace and standard of each individual student. Guitar Lessons in Knightsbridge for guitar players of ages and abilities.

Reasons to start Guitar Lessons right NOW:

  • Individually Designed lessons based on your goals and interests
  • Pick any song from your past or present and we will teach you how to play it.
  • Experienced Professional Teachers so you learn quickly and efficiently
  • Form chords and proper fingering positions
  • Avoid frustration and trial and error approach to learning guitar yourself
  • Strumming techniques
  • New Modern teaching style to not only reach your goals faster but to have fun!
  • How to read guitar tablature and chord diagrams
  • Save money and time by getting the most effective and efficient instruction
  • How to re-string and tune the guitar
  • All Rock Guitar styles: Classic Rock, Blues,Indie, Alternative, Pop, Grunge, Punk, Hard Rock, Metal, and Blues

-All ages, levels, styles

-Lessons customized to meet student’s goals

-Private or group lessons available

-Learn in the convenience of your home (don’t have to travel)

-Unlimited support outside of lesson (via email, text or phone)

-Patient, enthusiastic, and caring instructor who goes that “extra mile”

Absolute beginners and intermediate players of all ages are welcome! Convenient scheduling all weekdays, including evenings. If you Still want more? Check out our great lessons at London Guitar Academy.

guitar lessons london

For any questions about Knightsbridge Guitar Lessons please call us at 07957 230 354


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